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    Finished Basement in 2 weeks.

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    Showroom - 3000 square foot

    Showroom consists of examples of the basement renovation products that we carry

    We believe that when you’re renovating your basement it’s best to stay involved in the process. This is going be in your house after all. While looking at pictures and layouts is a great way to begin, we believe that being able to see, touch and experience the materials is the best way to get a feel for what your basement renovation will bring .

    290 Traders Blvd E, Unit 9, Mississauga, ON, L4Z 1W7
    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat and Sun by appointments
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    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 26

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    customers say


    Postive Experience And Great Job!

    Affordable Price

    We offer solutions for every budget by providing the lowest price on the basement renovation market. We do this by importing and storing materials for our basement renovation projects from trusted international partners, helping you save between 30-40% of total basement renovation costs.
    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 34
    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 35

    Dreaming About A Finished Basement? We Can Make Your Finished Basement Dreams Come True In 2 Weeks!

    3D Design - How We Do It

    Whatever the scope of basement project our dedicated and experienced design team is

    ready to help guide you to better visualizing and understanding your new basement living space.

    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 45
    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 46
    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 47

    Basement Ideas

    Open Concept Basement Idea

    Open Concept

    basement renovation Milton

    Home Theater

    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 48

    Bathroom & Saunas

    Bar and Kitchen Renovation

    Bar & Kitchen

    Basement Rooms Idea

    Basement Rooms

    Finished Basement in 2 weeks Toronto_V2 49

    Fireplace Ideas

    Basement Apartments

    Basement Apartments

    Home Gym Basement Renovation

    Home Gym

    Modern Richmond Hill Basement Apartment

    Family Room

    Basement and Walkouts Renovation

    Basement & Walkouts

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